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Types of Packing 包装的类型

B) GOH PREPACK ORDERS (solid style/solid color/assorted size):

This will be used for accounts for purchase orders which have been advised to be “Container Prepack GOH”.

This means that garments will be loaded in full GOH Hanging Containers in designated prepacks.

o  These garments are shipped “HANGING” where the polybag is the length of the garment plus 6”

taping the hem up with two 2 pieces of tape at the bottom to prevent from being soiled during transit.

o  Garments are shipped in master polybags. Individual polybags are determined by account.

Factory must refer to packing instructions provided by the Production Department.

* Prepacks will be determined by purchase orders and descriptions on product packs

* Prepacks may vary per style and PO. In some cases there could be more than one prepack

per style/PO. If there is a prepack, is always divided into 2 master polybags (this facilitates

the later packing of prepack into cartons to ship to the store)

Example: If there prepack is a 10 pc prepack it needs to be divided into two master polybags of 5 pcs each.

The master polybags must be consistently packed per total PO.

Polybag Marking 塑料袋标识

* Each master polybag must be marked with a GOH prepack sticker  in the upper right hand corner

(when facing) the polybag. (See next page for sticker layout)

* Make sure the LEAD master polybag of the prepack is labeled with a scannable barcode and the

word “Continue” and the END polybag of the prepack is labeled without the barcode with the word “END”

* Each master polybag of the shipment  should have rubber bands around hooks of the hanger.

* DO NOT rubber band the total prepack assortment – only rubber band the part of the prepack

included in one master poly bag. DO NOT rubber band the 2 master poly bags together.

* When loading and unloading containers, handling 10 or 12 pcs at once is not efficient.

* When loading container on rope loops , there should be one prepack (2 master poly bags) per loop.

o  If a prepack is 10 pc prepack, there will be 2 master poly bags. One of smaller size – one of

larger sizes, which will be hung in the same loop on the rope in the container.

* Container loading plan must show location of different prepacks in the container load.

* There may be more than 1 prepack size ratio per style in a shipment and the factory needs to

make sure different prepack size ratios are kept separate when loading the container.

Example: One style may have 12 piece prepack and 10 piece prepack and 8 piece prepack and 6 piece

prepack – the same style – all on the same Komar Purchase Order – but must be kept separate in

packing of the container.